Beaver’s Strange Tail

Beaver’s Strange Tail
UFO Streaking across Sky / Stock Photo
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Not much of anything to write about this experience, but as a long time believer of UFO’s, Ghosts, and paranormal activity in general; I find it to be a small account of proof for me.

My wife and I were driving along interstate 64, just before the Eisenhower Drive exit closest to the new Erma Byrd college building (which sits between Beckley and Beaver, just off airport road)

We were conversing about whatever at the time, and we both happened to look straight up out the windshield at the same time. I slowed down to a creep, and we simultaneously said “what the?”

What we saw was an extremely bright white light dart from the middle of our view straight across the sky to our left (headed in the direction of old crow) It emanated a tail like a comet or meteor, but I know that when you see a meteorite, it flows at a diagonal angle towards the earth.

This object was very far from the ground, as high as an airplane in full flight, so its hard to estimate an elevation, but we were both convinced that it didn’t resemble a “shooting star” or meteorite.

Skeptics call it as you wish; but I believe it was genuine. There have been several reports here locally of sightings at/around the airport as well. I hope someone else can give this sighting some credibility. E-mail me if you wish:

Hopefully there will be more reports posted of similar accounts from around the area.

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