When The Trees Fade

When The Trees Fade
Ghostly Faded Trees / Stock Photo

In April of 2009 my sister and I visited our grandmother in Nice, France. While walking the streets we came across a voodoo shop and decided to go in. The priestess asked us where we were from and we told her Elkins, WV in the US. She said, “I’ve heard all about West Virginia and the spirits that inhabit the mountains.”

She told us it was a cursed site and that the trees fade. We asked her what she meant by the trees fade. She said the spirits have to take the lives of a living organism to return to the land of the living and that they suck the life out of all the trees. She also warned that if too many trees were cut down then the spirits might start taking the lives of the living.

We returned home a week later not really thinking anything of it. After about a week my sister called me and asked me if anything weird was happening with me in my apartment? I told her I had been hearing a little girl laugh and some weird voices but I didn’t think anything of it. She told me she had been hearing the exact same thing.

After another week we decided we had to talk to the priestess and get rid of whatever fallowed us back from France. So we called our grandmother only to have her tell us there are NO voodoo shops or high priestess in Southern France. So my sister and I freaked out. Well time past and things seemed to get back to normal until a week ago. I had just gotten home from work when I walked into my home and saw the priestess standing in my kitchen. I was absolutely stunned. She looked at me and told me she had warned us about West Virginia and the spirits of the mountains. She said to be warned the spirits of the natives were not friendly. Then she disappeared. I was so freaked out I stayed at my sisters that night. When I returned home I found an old book on my table about the history of West Virginia and a book on protection against spirits. Ever since then I have not seen or heard the priestess. I have, however, still heard the laughter of the little girl but she’s harmless… I hope.

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