Old Hag Woman Visits In Dream Or Was It?

Old Hag Woman Visits In Dream or Was It?
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It was in the middle of the night, one day last Spring 2005 when I had a weird dream or was it a dream.

I was lying in the bed with Hannah, who was about 21 months old, and my husband on the other side of her. We were all asleep. I then started dreaming that there was an old hag woman standing at the foot of the bed. Now, at the foot of the bed was also the door, so the old woman was standing between the bed and door, which was closed but not latched. The doorknob was broken.

This old woman had clothing that looked very dirty, more like rags hanging off her. Her hair was long, reached past her waist, but it hung in long dreadlock-like strings. It was a mixture of gray and black. I do not remember seeing much of her face, but I did notice it was very wrinkled. I was surprised to “see” her so clearly since the room was dark.

I do know I was still asleep at the first, and then I started to gradually wake up. When she first appeared, she told me in my dream to “GET UP”. I told her “NO!” in my mind. I was not speaking aloud. She kept insisting I get up and follow her into the living room. Each time I told her no in my mind, she got louder and angrier because I would not follow her. Then for the last time, she said to come “NOW!” It was then, I was half-awake, that I felt a “doom” feeling and it was not MY doom, but Hannah’s. I had a very strange feeling that this hag woman wanted Hannah. After I told her the final NO! I was NOT following her; she turned around and quickly went through the door.

At that exact moment, the door shook, some plastic grocery store bags, which I had hanging on the inside of the door with stuff in them began to swing wildly back and forth. My husband sat straight up in bed and yelled, “What was THAT!”

I was not the only one that heard this ghost woman go out the door, was it a dream? Or was it real?

Night Hag / Old Hag: the night hag or old hag is a phenomenon during which a person feels a presence of a supernatural malevolent being which immobilizes the person as if sitting on his/her chest or the foot of his/her bed. The word “nightmare” or “nightmare” was used to describe this phenomenon before the word acquired its modern, more general meaning. Various cultures have various names for this phenomenon and/or supernatural character. – Wikipedia

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