Mom’s Last Call

Mom’s Last Call
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In 1983, I was living and working for a large nuclear power plant in southern California. I had just returned to work from having an emergency surgery. It was about ten minutes until quitting time, when an employee came through my workstation and I had to search him before he left the secure area of that building. As I rose from my chair to perform that duty, an overwhelming feeling of sadness came over me and I began to cry uncontrollably.

I pulled myself together and went about my duties, then left work. I lived fifteen minutes from my home in San Diego, so I arrived home in about that length of time. My neighbor saw me pull in my driveway and told me my phone had been ringing for over half an hour. As I walked in the house, it rang again and I answered it. It was my brother telling me my mother had just died at almost the exact same time as my breaking down at work.

I know Mom was calling for me in her last breath in Parkersburg, West Virginia. She will always be with me, in life and in death

This is true and happened on March 1st, 1983.

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