Mummy Sheet Under The Stairs

Mummy Sheet Under The Stairs
Hole in a Wall / Stock Photo
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Back in the 50s, my parents moved from Harts to 14 Mountain on Rt. 10. We moved in a house that was set right beside the old Curve Inn Tavern.

We hadn’t lived there very long until we started hearing noises on the stairs. It sounded like someone walking up and down the stairs. Mother was getting really aggravated and scared. She told my dad that every morning about the same time she could hear this.

One morning dad’s ride to the mines didn’t show up. He had to stay home that day. Mom was washing clothes in the kitchen and my brother and I were watching television. She had dad in the kitchen telling him that she was glad he was there that she wanted him to hear the sounds that she heard every morning at the same time. He said ok. He got him a cup of coffee and a cigarette and went in to the living room to wait on the noise. Sure enough it started. The footsteps started at the top and went to the bottom step. It turned and went back up. She said, now do you believe me? I am not crazy. The boys hear it every morning like clockwork. We agreed.

Mom went on back to the kitchen to finish her wash. Dad sat there looking over the steps. Smoked another cigarette and sent me to the back room to get him a claw hammer. He started to take down the wall by the stairs. Sure enough he shined his flashlight back inside the hole and told me to go get my mother. He took her up to the stairs and showed her what he had discovered. She went wild. She said she wouldn’t spend another night in that house and for him to find another place to live that day.

They took what they had found and burned it in the fire barrel. We never spent another night in the house. Mom stayed with our grandmother until dad found us a place to live back at Harts. What they found was a mummified sheet, covered with dried blood. It was tied at the head and the feet with rope. The body had been moved sometime after it had been put in the sheet. Dad never said a word about it. There is a culvert on the left side of the curve, it goes underneath the road. Years later a man’s body was found in that culvert. Some of the older residents probably remember it being found.

We moved out of that house, and it burned down back in the 80’s. No one that has ever lived there after us mentioned hearing anything strange.

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