Was It A Dream?

Was It A Dream?
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One night I woke up to something touching my hair, like it was behind me leaning over to stroke my hair. My bed was up against a wall at that time, so how could someone fit back there?

I looked up to see a long skinny thing in the dark. It looked shaggy, its nails were long. I jumped up away from it, not looking back, I ran to the door, conveniently located next to the light switch. I decided to reach for the light first.

I reached out my hand, but quickly pulled it back when I saw another one, leaning on the wall with one foot on the wall, on the other side of the light switch. He smiled at me, as if enjoying my fear.

I looked in front of me to open the door, and looked back for another attempt to turn the light on. The thing I had seen was gone. I turned the light on. I was scared, but, almost half asleep still. Being the lazy person that I am, not letting anything keep me from my sleep, I headed back towards my bed and slept.

The next morning I remembered what had happened, and wondered, “Was it all a dream?” if so, why was my light on, and door open? Why was it so real?

Other Comments: I have many night demons, numerous times I have had bad dreams, or felt something get on top of me or harass me in some way.

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