Townhouse Ghost

Townhouse Ghost
Ghostly Doll / Stock Photo

We had moved in to our rather expensive townhouse, and two days later, my mother suddenly became sickly ill. One night around 11:00, I had went in to her room to tell her goodnight, and she told me to get another blanket to put on my baby sister. I went up to the third floor where her bedroom was, and the room suddenly became quite chilly.

I went to the closet on the wall further from the street, and opened the white bi-fold doors. I pulled a blanket from the top shelf and then I had a feeling like some one was right over me, hovering over my shoulder. I turned around and saw a small girl that looked about 5 or 6 years old, and she was dressed in an older style night robe that was white.

She appeared to be hovering about three inches above the floor. The spirit was a tint of extremely soft blue, but appeared as a person which you see in a negative of film, and you hold it up to the light – the edges are bright fluorescent blue-green. She then disappeared as quickly as she had come.

Strange encounters have happened at our home, but nothing as major as that. A couple of times, a glass would topple over onto the table, or a CD might fly across the room. I hate having a “poltergeist”, because my friends are terrified of it, but it seems like it only comes around when I’m very angry, like one time when I was mad at my friend, the door slammed shut.

I will never forget my experience with the paranormal. We have moved since, and now live in a new house. The only weird thing here is the 1st day we moved in, a picture frame toppled of the nightstand on the living room table…

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