The Old Strange House On Wolf Creek

The Old Strange House On Wolf Creek
Old House in Snow / Stock Photo

My father lived in Wayne County most of his life, he was born and raised in Wayne, and after grandfather died he moved to an old house on Wolf Creek. He always told us how nice of a house it was, but he also told us how strange it was. My father used to love to go hunting, one night he and my uncle Bill went coon hunting, when they got back he said that the lights in the house were on, he thought someone had broken in. He snuck around the house to get in, the door was still locked when and he went in he found nothing.

He thought somebody was playing tricks on him, so the next night he snuck outside and waited to see if anyone was sneaking around the place. He stayed up all night and no one came around. About a week or two after that, my father went coon hunting by himself. This time when he got back the upstairs light was on, the dogs were barking, and all of the sudden the upstairs window shattered. A voice yelled “Shut up!” and a gunshot was heard. He waited from the hillside and watched the doors until morning to see if anyone came out, nobody ever did.

He went up to the house and the door was still locked, when he went in he found everything untouched, even the window was fine. My uncle Bill told me that you could see strange figures in the old house at night and sometimes hear an old organ playing

One day it came a big snow and a car pulled up and let an old man out. My father went outside to see who it was, but when he got outside there was nothing there. No car, no old man, not even a car track in the snow. My father stands to it to this day that the old house was haunted.

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