The Moving Head

The Moving Head
Statue of a Head / Stock Photo
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My grandmother died 3 years ago in her house in Delbarton, WV. One night my friend Kala and I were staying at that house which my grandfather still lives in. We were in the living room laying down talking on the couches before we fell asleep. My grandmother had bought these heads before she died. They were like statues. They were white and it was a man’s face. It is somewhat famous. I had never liked them. They frightened me. Therefore, when Kala and I were lying down, I got up and turned the head around because it was facing me. Afterward, I did not think anything about it, I was talking to Kala, I looked at the head, and it was facing me again. I freaked. Therefore, Kala and I went into the other living room and finally fell asleep a little past sunrise.

Maybe my grandmother moved them trying to tell me she was there. Who knows? However, every time I stay at that house I end up calling my mother to come get me. I have been terrified ever since.

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