The Indian

The Indian
Indian Girl / Stock Photo

I am 14 years old, this is a story that my brother told me, he is 27, and I am sure he would not lie about this. He delivers mine supplies for Belo Mine Supply in Belo, WV, which is close to Delbarton, Varney, and Ragland.

He was delivering mine supplies to Boone County one night, and he said he got lost, and he went down this old country back road, he was going to stop somewhere and try to get directions. He said he just kept going and going out this road, he saw a woman walking beside the road, and this was around 10:00 pm. She kept her back to him, until he pulled up beside her.

He rolled his window down to talk to her, she turned around towards him, and he said that her face had paintings and markings on it. He just slammed the gas pedal to the floor, and just kept going out that road and he came out somewhere in Boone County. I am sure he would not lie about this he was so scared.

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