The Demon In My House

The Demon In My House
Red Eyes Demon / Stock Photo

I use to not believe in very many paranormal things that supposedly run around in this world. But that all changed one night about a year ago…

I was up late one night just lying down on the living room couch when I realized I needed to go use the bathroom. I was tired and no one else was awake so I just left the bathroom door open and the light off. Then all of the sudden I just felt like I needed to wake up. Next thing I knew, I looked up and there was this little red creature walking past the bathroom door. It was walking like a soldier, only swinging its arms. It looked like a little alien, only it was blood red, and its eyes glowed red too.

It went past the bathroom twice and then it pointed at me and turned towards me. I could not move I was so terrified. The closer it came the more I panicked. When it was coming towards me, I screamed louder than I ever had before in my life, I turned on the bathroom light, shut the door, said oh Jesus help me, and closed my eyes. Then my mom maw came in there and asked me what I was screaming about, when I told her what happened she thought I was either crazy or dreaming. I knew I was not though. Ever since that night, I still get scared when I go into the bathroom late at night.

This story is true. I am not exaggerating. I always hear things in my house, especially late at night, and I always get a terrified feeling like there is something unholy in my house. This experience has made me a true believer in the battle of good and evil. I definitely think that whatever haunts my house is evil.

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