Screaming Jenny Of Duffields WV

Screaming Jenny Of Duffields WV
Railroad Tracks / Stock Photo
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As a child I grew up in Duffield WV. My brothers and I would walk down the tracks, going to a store in Shenandoah Junction.  We would often pass an old house nestled between two orchards.  This home was said to be the house of screaming Jenny.

I have listened to many stories about this place, but never heard or saw anything.  That would change on a summer day in July.  One afternoon my brother and I were walking down the tracks. As we got closer to the house, I notice what looked like a darkness or night surrounding the house. In my disbelief I asked my brother if he saw what was happening.  He said yes, and I could tell that he was frightened.

He told me to keep walking and not to look up.  As we traveled on we passed directly across from the house.  I could see that it was very dark and decided to look.  What I saw was a woman in a in an old grey dress with a white broach. The type worn during the civil war or earlier. As I looked at her, she motioned with her hand for me to come to her.  She was on the second floor in the top far left window. As I looked I could only see her eyes, which were black. I now knew that all the stories about screaming Jenny was true.

I also saw her that evening as I was getting water from the creek.  As I was dipping the bucket into the creek I saw her reflection . This would be the last time that I saw her.  Later as an adult, my wife and I went back there to see the house. To our surprise the house was overgrown weeds and honeysuckle. The only part visible was the roof.

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