Pax Cemetery Ghost

Pax Cemetery Ghost
Pax School House Rd Cemetery /
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Along time ago, back when having children out of wedlock was forbidden, there was a lady whose name was Lonell, she went to Washington to give birth to her child. After having complications during childbirth, both the mother and her child died.

Shortly after, Lonell and her baby were brought back to Pax, West Virginia to be buried. Since having children out of wedlock was forbidden, they wouldn’t bury her and her baby in the Cemetery, instead they buried the two outside of the Pax School House Cemetery.

Years later the graves were disturbed by a local company who ran a water line between the schoolhouse and the grave, which brought on the appearance of Lonell’s ghost.

Since the disturbance of the grave, you can now see Lonell’s spirit wandering around in the Cemetery in the shape of a blue sphere. You can see this sphere moving around in the graveyard around early dusk.

People around town believe that this spirit is searching for the answer on why she wasn’t buried inside the cemetery like everyone else was.

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