Our Promise To Grandma

Our Promise To Grandma
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My grandmother had died in 2001, and since then my family has had problems getting along. My grandmother held a deep hatred of my father for what reason I do not know, but she kept his brother as well as his sister against him. Well when she was in the hospital dying, my uncle had started to see that she kept them fighting for years, and he vowed to change what had been happening to them for the past 15 years. Therefore, he started coming around being a family.

In the months after her death, my aunt decided to withdraw from family activity. My grand mother had always made us promise to take care of my aunt if she died, and numerous times many of us agreed to. Well since then we have not.

I have waked up many nights feeling a presence in my home and bedroom. Well my father and his brother who is my uncle had decided o visit the grave together while my uncle was in town for the weekend.

My grandmother had always tried to keep them feuding, so to her this would have made her roll in her grave. Well after my uncle had left and made it back home that day he had called us, and stated that at the exact time he left a shelf at his home that was bolted to the wall had somehow worked itself out of the wall and fell to the ground. The shelf had a bunch of little trinkets on it, and contained a candle that my uncle had stolen from my grandmother’s home after she died as a remembrance. Well everything on the shelf broke besides the candle, and it was sitting up right. His wife actually place pillows around it to protect it from the dogs so my uncle could see, so he would believe her. We all take it as a sign that our grandmother or mother is very unhappy with us.

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