Our House

Our House
Ghostly Red Head Woman / Stock Photo

For years at my home my brother and sister and me would always hear the basement door that connected to the garage open and close. We always assumed it was dad coming home from work and we would run to see him but there was never anyone there. It always happened around 4:00pm in the afternoon.

To further my haunted story I for some reason until I was around 20 years old would have dreams of someone kissing me on the cheek late at night. I assumed it was my mom checking on me, but to this day she swears she never did this. Then one night when I was 20, I had a dream of this beautiful dark red haired girl. I knew that this girl was a ghost. When I asked her she told me she was. But I was not afraid and she assured me that everything was as it should be. We talked and I eventually asked the question…H ow did you die. She told me she drowned.. I told her that she was probably supposed to be in another place and not here. She agreed with me and told me she had been gone for many years before me. Then with a slight kiss from her I woke up.

I wasn’t scared but felt sad for her. I will never forget her. Now the scary part of this story. It wasn’t until about 7 months from this posting that my brother told me that he was haunted several times by a young girl when he lived at home. He would wake up in the middle of the night to see what appeared to be a young red headed girl crying at the other end of the room. Then she would disappear.

My brother to this day will not stay in the house by himself at night. Then as my brother and me talked he revealed to me that our grandfather had remarried years ago and was involved in an accident that involved him running off the road and into the Tygart river. His new wife and her daughter both drowned in the accident. He escaped. There was a lot of speculation of the accident from family and police at the time. It was deemed an accident and a tragic one at that.

To this day as I drive past the accident site I have a feeling that someone is there and that I also helped someone find peace. I hope that when someday I move on myself I can meet with her again. By the way, my brother also told me that he saw a picture years ago of the new wife and daughter, they both had red hair…

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