Mysterious Colonial Preteen Boy

Mysterious Colonial Preteen Boy
Civil War Cannon / Stock Photo

I was nine when I walked to the end of my hallway I stopped suddenly in my tracks. I was just outside the living room when I saw this boy about 10-13 years of age who was in colonial dress. He was running out of the kitchen into the living room. He ran through the living room to the end by our windows and disappeared into thin air. He stared at me while he ran through the room. I was terrified. My cousins were living with us and two were in there room and the other was in the shower.

My mom was on her computer so I knew none of them could have done that. We live in a house that was built in 1991 on Civil War Winter Camp Grounds. I later told my mom she said she felt things run behind her in the kitchen as if to run into the living room and her friends say that they have seen figures run through the kitchen.

I am 11 know going on 12 and I feel he is still here as if he is my guardian angel. I am the only one who has seen him though. When my friend Stephanie who is a year older then I am and can sense when a ghost is present by getting tingles through out her body came over she got a tour being as she had never been here before got so many tingles in our basement that she had to come upstairs because she started feeling sick. Today, I share Stephanie’s story of our experience here with some of my friends.

We have seen a lot of things in pictures like orbs and other things that are hard to explain.

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