My Ghostly Sleep-Over

My Ghostly Sleep-Over
Ghostly Old Lady / Stock Photo
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On a Friday night, my sister and I were going to spend the night with our best friend, Tia. Her house is over 40 years old. Well, we were home alone from 4:00pm to 3:00am. It was just like another normal night when we spent the night with her.

About six months after her house was built, this old lady moved in it. About 3 months after she moved into it, she died. Then another family moved into the house and then moved out, because the old lady was haunting them. The house was empty for at least 10 years. Then Tia’s grandma moved into the house and didn’t have any problems with the ghost. Ten years later Tia’s grandma dies. Tia gets the house. Her family moves in……

Last Friday night when I spent the night with her, we were home alone like I said before, and around midnight we started hearing noises. Strange noises. We thought it was her neighbors trying to scare us, they are jerks. So, we decided to go to her room. We were going to tell ghost stories, and we turned off the light.

We saw two white glowing things beside us. We said, “Who is that?” One of them said, ” I am your grandmother and this is my friend.” We screamed and ran into the living room. The old lady that lived in the house 10 years earlier, was her grandma’s friend. The ghosts or whatever they were, followed us. It was SOOO scary!

We ran outside and stood in the rain until Tia’s parents got home. They didn’t believe us. They said we were imagining things, but I know we weren’t. How can you imagine someone talking to you like that and all three of us hearing it?

A couple days later, Tia’s mom saw the ghosts or whatever they were. They moved out of that house the very next day. I think the ghosts just wanted to be left alone, and wanted the house to themselves. Now, the house is empty. I will not go near it ever again!!

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