Loving Pet Haunts House

Loving Pet Haunts House
Siamese cat / Stock Photo

I’m 41 years old. When I was 6 years old, our parents decided to get cat to have for a pet and companionship.

I have three older sisters, and our whole family loved our cat. Our cat, a female, we named her Gidget and she was a Siamese cat. Gidget was 19 1/2 years old, when she died in 1986. We took Gidget’s death hard, even though she did live a long life. While she was alive, she was well cared for and our cat was quite happy. She was both an indoor/outdoor cat.

Well, I strongly believe in ghosts and paranormal activity. You have to keep an open mind, for anything is possible.

In 1987, I still lived at my parent’s house. My sisters are married and have children of their own. One day in 1988, my niece was visiting her grandparents (my parents). My niece was sitting on the living room floor looking across the room with the look of amazement on her face. I asked her what it was that amazed her. Well, you see, our Siamese cat Gidget, sat in front of a heat register during the winter months. My niece was looking at Gidget’s ghost sitting in front of the register! I saw Gidget’s ghost as well! My niece’s grandfather didn’t believe her, for my Dad doesn’t believe in ghosts or paranormal activity. He’s not at all opened minded in that type of subject matter.

I had my own pleasant haunting experiences with our loving Gidget’s ghost visiting me in my bedroom at our home. When Gidget was alive, we kept our bedroom doors open during the night, so that our cat could come into my room, our parents room, or my sisters room, to take turns sleeping with us. Now, when my sisters grew up, moved out, and gotten married, Gidget became “my cat”. I’m the youngest of 4. For many years, Gidget slept with me in my bed. After Gidget died, I could feel her ghost jump up on my bed, in which to lie down. Our house has a rather long hallway, and when Gidget was alive, you could see her walking down the hallway (light would reflect off of her whiskers). When our cat died, I’d walk down the hallway, and I’d see this “white glow” (kind of low to the floor), and just knew that Gidget’s ghost was walking down the hall.

I don’t live at my parent’s house anymore. Both of my parents are still alive and still living at the same house. I visit my parents, from time to time, and occasionally still see Gidget’s ghost. As I stated earlier, our cat was well cared for and we loved her. She was a great member of our family.

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