Little Ghost Girl

Little Ghost Girl
Eccles, WV / Stock Photo

This story was told to me by my grandmother. She and my Grandfather have lived in Eccles for as long as I can remember. They live in an old 2 bedroom coal-camp house.

The two bedrooms have adjacent doors and one can easily see into one room from the other. So one night my grandmother was startled out of her sleep for no apparent reason. She looked out into the hallway and saw a young girl that was about 4 or 5 years old.

Well at this time my mother was about 5 years old, so my grandmother assumed it was my mother. She was about to tell the girl to go back to bed, when she looked across the hallway. And there in the other room was my mother…fast asleep. When my grandmother’s attention was directed back to the young girl, the young girl turned and vanished. My grandmother still has no explanation to this day.

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