Little Boy Phantom

Little Boy Phantom
Upstairs Hallway / Stock Photo

It was winter of 1994 and my mother had just gotten home from work. My babysitter was taking care of me. As my mom was going upstairs to her bedroom, she saw a little boy run across the upstairs hallway. She screamed and my babysitter almost dropped me. My mom told her what happened, and the babysitter thought she was crazy.

Shortly after that, my parents went to a party at a neighbor’s house. There my mother met these two old ladies who had lived in the neighborhood for a long time. My mom told them the story and one recognized the boy from the description immediately. She told mom it was a boy who lived in our house some thirty years ago and had killed himself due to depression.

There have been no more sightings of this boy in my house. We hope his soul is set free.

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