House Ghost

House Ghost
Shadow Ghost / Stock Photo

My aunt used to live in a house in Elkins, West Virginia. She has three sons, the oldest son is 10, the youngest two are a set of 8 year old twins. Well one night my aunt was laying in bed and all of the sudden she heard a young boy yell “mom!”. Thinking it was one of her sons she got up went checked both bedrooms and found all three of her sons were fast asleep.

A couple minutes later she heard footsteps running in the hallway. She thought it was her cat, but no cat could make such big loud footsteps. It sounded like a person a little person running through her house! A couple nights later she was in bed and saw a blue light about 12 inches long it just hovered there.

Another occurrence happened, I think this is the last one. My aunt was in the hallway and she saw the shadow of a man, he was about 5 feet tall and the shadow just stood there. Well it could not have been her husband because he was at work, and her sons were all at school, she was all alone in the house that day until about 3:30pm.

So is her house or not? You tell me!

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