Hauntings Of Pentress

Hauntings Of Pentress
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My stepbrother and his friend told me this story of a house that is located back in the woods in Pentress, just outside of Blacksville. They told me that this house is hundreds of years old. The story behind the house is that 13 children lived there with their mother and father. Somehow 11 of the children died in the house. No one knows how they died. I am going to do research on this, but haven’t been able to yet. Anyways, there is no electricity in the area of the house because it sits about 3 miles back in the woods where there is now a cow pasture. People say that they have seen lights on in the house. No one knows where they are coming from. My brother, while coon hunting one night, was on the ridge opposite of the house and looked over and saw it glowing. To this day he will not go near the house.

There are thirteen windows that go across the front of the house (one for each child). Well, my other brother and I decided to go up one night. No lights were on so we went inside the house. I searched for light sockets and everything. No sign of electricity (no light fixtures, no electrical pole, nothing). In order to get into the house, you must go through the side, kitchen door because the back porch has fallen in.

I live very close to the house, so it is easy for me to go to the house. The second time I went to the house, I saw light coming from the kitchen window. It is not a bright light, but sort of an orange glow. Because the house sits so far back in the woods, you have to use a four-wheeler to get to it. On our way home, our four-wheeler stalled and we could hear what sounded like someone walking while dragging chains. We eventually got the four-wheeler started and left.

You must cross a barb wire fence in order to get to the house. The third time I went, I saw no lights so I crossed the barb wired fence and started walking towards the house. We were about to grab the handle to the kitchen door to enter the house and the light in the kitchen came on. We all ran. On our way home, my brother saw a black figure with glowing red eyes sitting on the side of the road. On down the road, he saw a white figure standing in the middle of the road.

The last time I went up. I took my aunt who is a big-time Christian. Me and my soon to be sister-in-law crossed the barb wired fence and walked down to the house. The light was on in the kitchen so we went back up the hill to the four-wheeler. My aunt didn’t believe us so we walked her down. She stared at the light through the windows for a while and then she opened the kitchen door anyways. Inside, like kind of floating right below the ceiling was one of those long, skinny bulbs. It had no fixture around it. It was just floating there. It wasn’t bright. Like I said before, it was an orange glow.

I haven’t been to the house since and I don’t plan on going back. There are two siblings of the 13 children still alive and they are my neighbors, but they will not talk about the house.

Also, the woods that the house sits in are said to be haunted. My brothers hunt in those woods and usually hunt until after dark. As they walk out at night, they can hear what sounds like someone walking behind them.

There is also a silo that sits up on the hill close to the house. The story behind the silo is that a man was hung at the silo. After that, it is said that a group of the Pagan bikers took a woman up there and beat, raped, and killed her there. They say you can hear people scream, but I have never heard anything.

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