Hauntings In Jones Spring

Hauntings In Jones Spring
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My family lives in a very old house, 100 years old or maybe a few years less. Back in the day, people called it the Wheeler Mansion because it was the biggest house around. I’m not sure about what happened during its construction, but something happened in this house during the 1900’s. Every day, there is more evidence of an uneasy presence in this house. We have everything that you have stated on your website; we have entities, spirits, ghosts, orbs, we have it all.

We have lived here for three years, and each day brings another reason to… leave. Among the first encounters was the time when a girl of about 14 or 15 years old was sitting on the bed of the oldest daughter. The REALLY scary part is that she was only seen in the reflection of the TV in the next room. It seems her room has been the favorite of entities because she has heard distant conversations from what seems to be inside her west-most wall. The talking was ended by an abrupt scream, which only she heard.

Later, while she was listening to music, her stereo’s volume went to the max all by its self. The remote had no batteries, and the system was set up high on the other side of the room. When the situation was explained, it was thought that there was a volume problem at the radio station, but this theory was proven incorrect because the stereo showed the word “VOL” for volume and “23…24…25…” to the very max volume! What could have caused this?

Several times, our kitchen light switch had turned out light on and off. No one was around except for people on the other side of the room. There is an unusually large presence in the kitchen, also. Our computer room is hooked onto our kitchen, and even now I feel like someone or something is watching me. That room has enormous energy, and that energy is obviously evil.

For some reason, an entity has singled me out. I wake up at 3:13 on numerous occasions, sometimes nights on end for weeks. Most of the time, I don’t have any blankets on me at all when I wake up, and I have very strange dreams, all of which are very dark and indistinct, very vague. Just now I have noticed numerous scratches on my hands and I always seem to have stray bruises on my legs. I have discovered that entities are attracted to people who are introverted and depressed when stressed and that is my personality completely.

Just this evening, while up in the attic, I heard distinct children’s laughter. To help to imagine this, my attic is very wide with low ceilings with beams. My attic has 1 light on the stairs, which makes all other places dark. At the two farthest ends of my attic, there are two long, narrow windows. At the side I was facing, my neighbor’s spotlight shines in, making the windows seem white. At the time I heard laughing, I looked to where it came from: the side of the room with the bright windows. Since the window was the only distinct thing on that side of the attic, I looked at it. When I looked at it, I saw the profile of someone’s face. It looked like they were sitting up, getting ready to stand. They sat up from the right to the left. As soon as I saw movement, I naturally RAN.

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