Haunted Grounds

Haunted Grounds
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The story that I am about to tell is different stories rolled in one, simply because they happened around the same place, but at different times. My cousin who happens to be my best friend has encountered and heard of different sightings on and around this old home place. I have seen some things myself.

There was one time that I remember his brother-in-law bought an old Blazer, and that night around one o’clock the horn would go off by itself. We were on the phone and he said, “Joe, do you hear that?” And I said, “hear what?” He said, “that horn, every night around one o’clock it goes off”. At first I thought he was just playing around until he took the phone to the window and let me hear it. His brother-in-law unhooked the horn, and it would still go off. Rumor has it that an old man died in the Blazer, and when his brother-in-law found that out he got rid of it.

Here’s a story about his uncle’s house. People said that one night a pale white woman was seen going around his uncle’s house. The woman was someone buried in a graveyard. People said that the upstairs light would come on by itself, the stairs would squeak, and you could hear noises around the house.

His brother moved a trailer in where the big yard used to be. One night his brother and sister were moving stuff in when all of a sudden something started pushing them outside. There was no one there but him and her and what ever it was pushed them out the door. A candle came off the refrigerator and hit the floor. It got so bad that his brother wouldn’t stay there, and stayed with his mom and dad. He said that place was strange.

His sister has seen dead people, headless people, snakes, and I don’t know what all else. One night she was taking a shower and heard someone walking in the hallway. She thought it was her husband coming home from work. When she stepped out of the bathroom, she saw an old man walking into their daughter’s bedroom. When she went into the room she couldn’t find anybody.

Even he himself has seen some strange things. His TV would come on by itself and start channel surfing. One day he started out of the bedroom and was going to close the door when the door shut itself. He tried to open it but it was like it was locked, then it finally opened. One night him and I was on the couch watching some TV when all at once something loud was running on the porch, it couldn’t have been anybody because everyone was in bed asleep. I stayed up all night one night and saw something in the window. I know it could not have been a human because the window is at least 9 feet off the ground from the outside.

He moved a trailer in where the garden use to be and some strange stuff happened there to. One night him and his wife went to bed, he checked the trailer and made sure the stove was turned off, which it was. The next morning when they got up the stove was on. Sometimes you could see what looked like an old woman standing in the living room window. My cousin, his sister, dad, brother, and uncle all lived in the same place. They are all right beside each other. The land that they live on has got to be haunted.

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