Great Grandfather’s Ball Of Fire

Great Grandfather’s Ball Of Fire
Ball of Fire / Stock Photo

This is a story my dad told me when I was little. It all started when my grandfather was up in age and couldn’t take too much aggravation. The grand kids would come over to stay all night. There were two sisters who would fight, they would pull each others hair, scream, curse each other, and fight like cats and dogs.

My great-grandfather would keep telling them, “If you all don’t stop fighting a ball of fire will come after you”. The two sisters didn’t pay him no mind and kept fighting. Well one night the two sisters were fighting and my great-grandfather shouted, “Look! Look outside! Up on the hillside! A ball of fire!” The ball of fire came down the hillside and through the house. It lit up every room, and went through the wall. The two sisters stopped their fighting, they were too busy hiding under the bed, screaming, crying, and praying.

Well my great-grandfather went out the door to follow the ball of fire, it led him to the old graveyard up the hill, stopped beside an old willow tree, and slowly went down into the earth. That is where he is buried at to this day.

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