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This took place in Barboursville, West Virginia. This is my dad’s story, it happened about 18 years ago.

My father and a few of his friends had gone to a graveyard near one of their houses. They had set their ouija board down in the middle of it and started asking questions. After getting no responses the wooden part that went over the words, letters, and the yes and no, it flew into the air. Nothing more happened after that so they decided to leave.

As they were leaving my dad started seeing dogs in the corner of his eyes, but when he turned around only to see no dogs. His best friend Scott (who was also there) Swore he was seeing the same thing (they believed they were hell hounds).

Then others thought they saw black shadow figures walking around.

Eventually after almost everyone was gone it was just my dad and Dirk (one of the friends). Dirk had made my dad walk him home because he was scared.

The entire time they saw the black shadows and hell hounds. The next day, James had got his aunt who lived with him to talk with them all. She said they had opened a door allowing spirits to come to the world and they had to get rid of them. I’m not exactly sure how they did it.

Nothing else happened there after that.


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