Ghost Of A Loved One

Ghost Of A Loved One
Playing Piano / Stock Photo

In October of 1992 my grandpa died. Everyone was really upset but we had expected it to happen soon. My mom and I received a piano and two cats that had belonged to my grandpa.

Things were pretty normal despite missing him. Then whenever I played my favorite song on the piano (which happens to be my grandpa’s favorite too) I would hear someone walking through the house, even though no one was there. One night after the playing of the piano I was woke up by the cat on my bed. I heard footsteps again and they seemed to be coming toward my room. I soon felt as if someone was in my room standing over my bed. the cat then stood up and lowered his head and started purring. By then I wasn’t at all scared, I was happy. From that point whenever I was missing my grandpa I would just play the piano, for I knew then that it was just my grandpa coming to listen to his favorite song.

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