The Ghost of Benedict Road

The Ghost of Benedict Road
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This story took place in the 1980’s. We were out partying one night, but before we could enjoy it, something huge started walking around us. The guys we were with decided to check it out. They all started walking around the perimeter. I could hear it, but never could see it. I don’t know what it was but according to legend, near the spot was a hanging tree.

While my cousins were raccoon hunting in that spot, they turned the dogs loose. They ran a few feet away and came back whining, jumped back into the truck and wouldn’t get back out.

My brother-in-law was going one night to show us that we were all crazy. We pulled up and got out, the music was on. We were there for about 10 minutes and you can hear it. Than all at once the radio started changing stations. He turned the car off and he kept playing.

About 4 miles away from that spot my dad was rabbit hunting, and the lights kept going on and off on the truck. There was nobody around but my dad.

Legend has it that at the top of the hill there was a woman that was taken up there long time ago and brutally raped. They bit off certain parts of her anatomy. She got away, ran down the hill, and hid under a rock cliff. When the men found her, they poured battery acid over her and killed her. On rainy nights you can smell the battery acid and hear her screams.

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