Animals that Haunt?

Animals that Haunt
Black Cat / Stock Photo

When I was a little girl I had pets, a black cat and a mixed German Shepherd dog. They didn’t get along very well of course. The dog always just wanted to play, but the cat wouldn’t have no part of it. She would sit on the footstool in the living room and the dog would wine trying to play with her, she would growl and swat her pawls at him. But as all old cats do, she grew ill and passed away.

After she died everything seemed normal for the first few days. One day I was in the kitchen, which was next to the living room, and my dog started whining like he used to do when he was playing with the cat. I swear I heard my deceased cat growling, it wasn’t the same as when she was alive. But there was no other cat in the house.

When my parents and I would leave, we would have to leave him outside because he would tear up the house while we were gone. We lived on a hill and when we would leave he would chase the car down the hill and stop, he done this every time. He was eventually poisoned by a neighbor who thought it was cool to poison animals (our dog wasn’t the only victim). After he passed, every time we would leave, I could see him out a corner of my eye running beside of us. You may think I’m crazy, but I know I saw him. I would also see my cat from time to time running across the bathroom floor. I have heard of things like this happen before, but now I know it really can. Crazy or not, I know it to be true.

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