Elkhorn Ghost

Elkhorn Ghost
Elkhorn Mountain / Brian Masney / flickr

For many years the Elkhorn Ghost has made his presence known to a passerby as they either left or entered the mountain near the bridge. He is very tall always wearing a red plaid jacket, blue jeans and seems to usually appear on foggy nights.

Everyone that usually spots him has their bright headlights on and notices that he is facing traffic and when you see him his face is a black void with no facial features distinguishable. Well, I admit I had seen him several times just like that but it all changed on July 10th 2000 around 12 am.

My husband and I had just got through visiting his Mom and brother after returning from our honeymoon when we decided to take the shortcut to Elkhorn Mountain to go home to Bluefield rather than go through Welch. I stopped at the intersection to go to Elkhorn Mountain at the bridge to see if it was clear to turn and he appeared to us.

He was walking from the Anawalt way and stopped walking when he saw us. I recognized at once that it was him from his clothes and I told my husband that it was him. His legs were transparent and he had some type of hunting cap atop his head sorta like a winter cap. Also, he had a brown paper bag which appeared to have a liquor bottle in it and when he looked at us his facial features were more distinguishable he appeared to have a beard but his eyes were empty black voids.

To this day I don’t know that anyone else has seen him like we did or if he still just appears with his face as a black void. Who knows if you happen to travel Elkhorn Mountain on a foggy night maybe you’ll see the Elkhorn Ghost.

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