Droop Mountain Mounted Cavalry On Patrol

Droop Mountain Mounted Cavalry On Patrol
Civil War Soldiers on Horses / Stock Photo

Around the year 1960, while attending the Marlinton Middle School, some classmates and I interviewed a local man about a ghost sighting he experienced.

The man told a story about when he used to drive a pulp wood truck to Covington, Virginia and back. Late one evening, something bizarre occurred on his return trip that would leave him shaken for life. He claimed that as he drove into the “Renick valley area” on the south side of Droop Mountain, he came upon approximately six horsemen in the road. They did not yield right of way for him and he had to completely stop the truck to avoid striking them. They were in single file formation moving at a slow pace, and he was able to see that they appeared to be dressed in civil war uniforms. He opened the driver’s side door and stepped out on the running board to tell them to move. That was when he noticed that the horses and men would utterly “disappear” when exiting the beam of the truck’s headlights. There was no one around after the last one exited the lit area.

I found the elderly man highly believable, and noticed how visibly distraught he became just retelling the story. I am guessing at the year because all of my notes from that interview burned in a house fire leaving me to rely on memory as to what all was said…

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