Dog-Walking Ghost

Dog-Walking Ghost
Ghostly Dog Walk / Stock Photo

I live in Randolph County, and a few years ago, two friends of mine were going down Isner Creek road (near Elkins) late at night when they saw someone, presumably male, standing beside the road wearing a dark-colored hooded sweatshirt. He was holding a dog’s leash, but they both said the dog was strange looking, somewhat there, but not there all at the same time. My friend who was the passenger also said even though there was light from the moon; she could not make out the person’s face, even though he was looking toward the road.

On their way back, about three hours later, the same figure was standing in the same spot holding the same dog’s leash. This time he was closer to the woods than the road, and the dog was so filmy and see-through that you could barely see him against the darkness of the woods.

They were both terrified and of course did not stop, but everyone thought it was extremely strange that the same person would still be in the same spot walking their dog three hours later, especially when there were no houses nearby. I ran into the same friend the other day, and she told me she was telling the story to one of her co-workers, and that he had seen the same figure on a few occasions. He also told her that this is a well-known ghost, and that no matter how hard you look, you can never make out his face under the hooded sweatshirt, even though he is always facing the road. I have since heard others claim to have also seen this dog-walking, faceless ghost along the road.

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