Childers Road Barboursville

Childers Road Barboursville
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Several years after we lived in Wayne, we moved into a house on Childers Road. This house felt strange from the time we moved into it. It began with just hearing what sounded like footsteps in the attic, and then one evening we were out back, my son looked up at the gable vent. He said, look, we looked up and the vent had been pushed out from the inside. I called the landlord, he came and fixed it the next day, nailed it shut. Two days later, it was open again. This was an old house; the only way to get into the attic was using a ladder in our son’s closet. We called the landlord again, he came over. When he went up into the attic, he said it looked like no one had been up there for years. This time he put boards inside and out to hold the vent in, less than 24 hours later it was back out again. This time he just left it out.

Now, all along we had continued to hear footsteps in the attic, now there was a change. You could hear someone climbing the ladder in the closet, this freaked our son out, and so he started sleeping in our room.

It continued to get worse, one day I was told by a woman to wash the dishes, thinking it was my wife, I asked her. She was in the front bedroom. Even our son said his mother hadn’t said anything to me.

We would leave the house with the TV off, just to come back and find it on. We have gone out to sit on the porch; leave the TV on, when we would come back in it would be off. Lights would go off on us or come on. Dishes would be moved around. The water in the kitchen would come on. Whoever or whatever it was liked everything clean and tidy.

My wife later found out that the house had been moved here, after a house right across the road burned down. They lost their son in the fire. When the owner moved this house here, he remodeled it. Both, he and his wife died here.

We just figured that’s who our visitors were. They never did anything to us; just let us know they were there.

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