Beech Fork Road

Beech Fork Road
Cemetery in the Woods / Stock Photo
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We lived in a small house on Beach Fork; we used to always sit out in the yard during the summer, especially in the evenings. We were sitting in the yard one evening; when we began to hear what sounded like a woman screaming. No one could see anything, my dad said, “We should go inside, it could be a panther.”

The next evening we again were sitting in the yard and again we heard this screaming sound. This went on for several days, all along me thinking that a big cat was going to come and get me.

The screaming began to continue way into the night, some nights all night long. My dad said that, that was unusual for a panther. It started to sound like it was getting closer and closer, at one point as if it was in the yard. Dad went out with a gun, not seeing anything he just fired into the air. The screaming did not stop. My dad came back in, he said, “Well I don’t guess it is a panther, the gunshot did not scare it.”

My brothers being a lot older than I am, used to go out exploring all the time. One day they were going out, I begged them to let me go, they did. We came across a small cemetery with about seven headstones in it; one of them had been turned over. We went over and looked at it; it was a woman’s name, which has long since left my mind. They decided that they should stand it back up, so they did. Strange thing we never heard the screaming again.

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