Campbells Creek Spirit

Campbells Creek Spirit
Crackling Fireplace / Stock Photo

The house that I grew up in on Campbells Creek in Eastern Kanawha County had a restless spirit in it. On more than one occasion, we would hear a clanking noise coming from the area where the fireplace used to be, it was a metallic sound like someone hitting a fire grate with a poker.

The most frighten story how ever was one night my Mother and I were in the basement watching TV. It was close to time for my Father to be coming home from Wednesday evening church service. We heard the front door open and close followed by footsteps across the floor. However, my father never called down as he usually would and he did not come down stairs. My Mother and I found this strange so I went up stairs to see if my Father was okay. No one was upstairs and my father’s car was not in the driveway. About 10 minutes later, my Father arrived home.

These types of noise’s and happenings continued until my Fathers death in 1990. Since then the house has been quiet.

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