Belington Ghost

Belington Ghost
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This happened in December of 2007 in Belington, WV when I was seventeen.

My girlfriend and I at the time were sitting in the living room listening to music. It was night but I’m not too sure what time it was… probably around 8.

I happened to look down the hall and see a boot coming out of the doorway to my mom and stepdad’s room. In that split second, I thought my stepdad was home all along and that he was going to flip out on me for blasting music. That’s when it happened. This man stepped out and made eye contact with me while he was walking across the hallway. It was something I thought I would never see in my lifetime. A ghost.

Here’s a breakdown of how it happened… I’ll explain it the best way I can.

As soon as it stepped out of my mom and stepdad’s bedroom it made eye contact with me and walked into the bedroom across from my mom’s room. The room it walked into was my brother’s old room. He moved out probably in the fall or winter of ’06 and after he left we started using the room as a storage room.

The ghost had on what appeared to be coveralls. He looked about 6’0 in height… but he could have been a bit taller. The figure wasn’t solid either. He looked like a mist with some missing parts. For instance, his face was missing some parts along with the rest of his body… almost like he didn’t have enough energy to appear completely, just enough for me to see him.

It happened pretty quick, maybe a few seconds. I was in shock.

It was the first time I had seen a ghost. I didn’t want to be there in that house anymore. I put on my shoes, not saying a word, and started putting my coat on. My girlfriend was baffled by my actions. (she didn’t see the ghost she was looking in the other direction)

“What are you doing?” she asked me. Looking confused and worried.

“We have to go,” I told her.

“Why?!” she asked.

“We just do,” I said as she was putting on her coat and slipping her shoes on.

The whole walk down the street, I was silent. I didn’t want to talk about it. It felt like if I did it would appear again. I was that scared. I finally told her what I saw when we got to the gas station. I went there because I wanted to be around people and lights.

She believed me which I was worried that she would think I was nuts and a few minutes later we walked to her place where her mom gave me a rosary. I wasn’t religious back then but I was raised Pentecostal and usually didn’t dabble in anything like Catholicism but at this time I was willing to try anything so I accepted the rosary and kept it with me at all times until I woke up one morning to find it broken in my bed. (I may have tugged at it in my sleep and accidentally broke it.)

Things got better after I moved out of there in August of ’08.

Slowly I started to feel sane again.

I have many stories about that house, which I have nicknamed “Hell House”.

I still have nightmares to this day about that place.

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