Bedroom Window In Huntington

Bedroom Window In Huntington
Baseball and a Broken Window / Stock Photo

This story was told to me by my 12th Grade English teacher. I’ve done research on the events that take place in the story and as far as I can tell it is true. It is a bit long but it is worth reading. Enjoy!

Many years ago a newly wed couple bought a house on Brandon Rd. The young man worked in construction and his wife stayed home. The layout of the house is as follows: the master bedroom was in the front corner of the house next to the front door, the front door faced a long hall way and ended in the kitchen, the back door was straight ahead.

A couple of months went by and the young man came home early from work to find his wife in bed with another man. Outraged he ran back to his truck and grabbed his shotgun. When he got back to the front door the other man was running down the hall towards the back door. He raised the gun, shot and killed the man. Next he turned the gun on his wife, still in bed, and shot her. Then he put the barrel of the gun in his mouth and committed suicide.

Several years later a woman and her son purchased the house. John (My English teacher) played baseball with the boy who lived in the house. One day the two of them cut class and went to the boys house to pass baseball. John threw a wild pitch and broke out the front bedroom window.

The mother told them not to worry about it that she was glad to be rid of that window. The boys were confused and asked the mother what she was talking about. She told them that engraved inside the window were the words Beware to all those that enter. She said that she had tried to remove the message but failed. She said it seemed as though it was inside the window rather than on it.

She proceeded to tell them that on a certain night (I can’t remember the exact date) every year at a certain time a cold wind would stir up in the house and the blankets on her bed would lift off her and lay themselves in the floor. The woman had the window replaced with a new one straight from the store. She was painting the new trim around the door when she noticed an imperfection in the glass. She leaned in for a closer look and was horrified to see that the message, Beware to all those who enter, had returned.

The boys didn’t believe it, so on the night that this was supposed to happen the two boys got a few of the other baseball players to come over and witness the events. The hours passed as the group of boys waited for “the show to begin”. The time came and as it did so did the wind. The boys raced to the mothers bedroom in the front corner of the house and watched as the blankets elevated and drifted over and laid down on the floor.

Years later the woman had the house tore down and moved to the other end of town, the only thing she kept from the house was the bedroom window. She kept it wrapped in a quilt in her garage. A few years went by and the woman got word that a parapsychologist was speaking at the local university. She went to the garage and unlocked the door to retrieve the window to have it examined, but when she got inside she found the window in pieces and the quilt it was wrapped in folded neatly next to it.

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