Bed Of The Others

Bed Of The Others
Old Bed / Stock Photo

This is a true story of a bed passed down to me. My mother and father gave me a bed that was most beautiful. On the back it was dated 1890. The year was 1997. I just been divorced, a single mom, working and living out on my own. I was the only one to sleep in the bed for awhile. Yet I always kept a scared feeling while sleeping in it. I would awake a lot because I thought someone was touching me. So I started to sleep a lot on the couch.

One evening I was coming down the hall way from the bed room where the bed was, it was cold in there for no reason. The heat was on. All of the sudden it felt as if someone had touched my back. My son was sitting in a chair facing me. He at the time was only 4 and 1/2. He said mommy there is something black on your back. I was then so scared that we went and moved back into my parent’s house. The bed was stored. Later about 6 months later I’d had remarried and moved into an apartment, counties away from where I had lived.

My son was needing a bed. So the bed I had in storage was brought there. I thought nothing of the bed really. I thought my trouble I had was from the place I was living. Anyways, it was not long before my son started having bad dreams. Every night he would wake me and his step-father up crying “they are going to get me. Make them go away.” For a while he would say “mommy do you see all these people”. I could not see them. But I felt scared to leave him. It went on for almost three months. He said they are wanting to touch me. They are old. Feeling a little silly I asked my parents why they gave me the bed. They said they knew that I needed one when they gave it to me.

I laughed and said your grandson swears these old people are trying to get him. My dad looked at my mom and said what do they do. They have flowers sometimes but most of the time they want to touch him. They then told me that my mom had the same things happen. Dad said she would sit up in bed and say do you see them. He never seen them either. After learning this I went to a used furniture store and gave them the bed. After it was removed my son slept peaceful again. Their was no doubt that the bed was haunted.

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