A Haunting In The Woods

A Haunting In The Woods
White Tailed Buck / Stock Photo

My brother-in-law told me this story, and he stands to it that it is true. He was deer hunting one day behind his home. He was walking down a path to position himself deeper in the woods, when he saw what he described as something staggering back and forth.

It looked like a corpse, something that just crawled out of a grave. He started to fire a shot at it to try to scare it away, when all of the sudden he spotted a buck standing on the hill. He shot at the buck and it jumped out in front of him. It was heading straight for this thing.

When the buck got right up on it jumped over the hill, my brother-in-law took one more look to see if the dead man was still there, and the dead man was still staggering back and forth. He got out of there, and went home. He said he hopes he never sees anything like that again.

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