Strange Creature In Pt. Pleasant

Strange Creature In Pt. Pleasant
Sheepsquatch / Stock Photo

A few years ago two friends and I were returning from a trip to Huntington, WV and decided to drive back to our home in Charleston by going through Point Pleasant. About an hour into our trip it started snowing pretty heavily, so I slowed down to be careful on the slick roads. We had just rounded a bend in the road, we were in the Arbuckle area, it is very wooded, and not a real populated area. I was only going about 5 or ten miles an hour, I had good visibility but the road was completely covered with ice and snow.

I looked to my left, and about a foot from my window I saw what appeared to be a strange creature, half man, half animal. It had a face very similar to a sheep, horns like a ram, and it was standing upright like a human. I was so stunned, and immediately thought I had lost my mind! My friends started screaming “What in the hell was that?”

So I backed up the car, and it looked at me, turned and ran into the woods.. I got a pretty good look at it, it basically had it’s nose right in my face! It was white, furry, and had paws, no hooves, paws like a dog, a sheep-like face, and stood upright like a human, it ran away on human legs..

This was so weird my friend laid down in the backseat all the way home.. Needless to say we discussed this all the way home, and could not come up with any animal we know that resembled it… No, I had not been drinking, and up until this point had control of all my facilities..

I have never seen a ghost, big foot, UFO’s or the like, and was somewhat skeptical of all paranormal activity. I absolutely saw this thing, and have no explanation of what is was. I have heard all my life about strange creatures like the “Mothman” and “Cornstalk’s curse” associated with Point Pleasant. I am now convinced that it is a very strange place indeed! I wonder if anyone else has experienced “Sheep-Squatch” as we affectionately call him, or are we the only ones?

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