On Going Bigfoot Encounters, Part 2

On Going Bigfoot Encounters, Part 2
Bigfoot in the Woods / Stock Photo

Between the summer of 2001 and 2002, we would hear Bigfoot occasionally howl on the hillside here at our Cabell County home. There was even one encounter of him coming down to our mobile home and slapping the side of it. Bigfoot hit the trailer so hard; it shook it from end to end.

Our family and friends had heard repeatedly about our Bigfoot for a year. In the summer of 2002, July to be exact, we decided to have Rachel and Jonathan’s birthday party with the theme “Bigfoot”. We had a bonfire hot dog roast, with a night walk in the woods after dark.

There were about 18 people that took that walk in the woods, including several small children and grandparents. We were going to walk up the gas well road to the end and come back. The walk was approximately one mile total.

As we were walking along in the pitch dark, with only a couple of flashlights, we could not hear anything in the woods all the way up to the gas well. With everyone talking non-stop the whole time, I am afraid if there were any animals about, they would be long gone when our big group of loud mouths came through.

On our way back out of the holler, Kevin and I decided to wait and let everyone get far ahead of us, so we can walk out in silence. On the right of us, was a very steep hillside, at the top was the very place I had seen Bigfoot a year before when Puff chased him. On the left side of the dirt road was a steep drop off, and about 50 feet below the road, a stream.

Kevin and I began walking very slowly out of the gas well holler alone. The rest of the party had gone on ahead of us. We each had a small flashlight. After going about 30 feet down the road, we heard footsteps on the hillside to our right, following along. We would take several steps, and stop, and “it” would take steps and stop right after us. It would take two or three steps more than we did, so we heard those extra steps after we had stopped moving. Along the way out, we would stop and listen to see if “it” was doing exactly what we did.

We had to pass through a gate about 1/2 way out of the holler. On each side of the gate, was barbed wire that ran up the hill to the top and down the hill towards the stream. When we passed through the gate, whatever it was making those footsteps did not cross over the barbed wire. From then on out, we did not hear it walking along anymore.

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