Hunting Encounter

Hunting Encounter
Bigfoot / Stock Photo

One day during Buck season in 1995, I was hunting with my cousin just outside of the small town of Valley Head, WV. It was around noon and we decided to split up and go opposite ways. We both pretty much knew our way around the area where as a lot of people get lost and come all the way from Snowshoe mountain. Well, I was minding my business and walking out this old logging trail trying to be as quiet as possible. Then I heard this loud, unexplainable noise, sort of like a grunt. It was nothing like a snort of a Buck.

I just happened to turn and look down hill and saw this thing. I couldn’t really get a good look because it was so far down the hill but there was snow so I could see some of it. It was running at an unbelievable speed and it was only on two legs not four. I knew it wasn’t a deer because it was brown and it was not black either. Everyone in my family thinks that I am totally nuts but I know what I saw and I think it was Big Foot. It did not take me long to get back to camp.

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