Fairy Follies

Fairy Follies
Fairy / Stock Photo

When I moved into the Dormitory of West Virginia State College, I expected to find lots of new friends. While I did find those, I also acquired a pesky little fairy (don’t let me fool you, I love the little booger).

The story starts like this: Our friend who lived on another floor used to sneak downstairs at night and instead of knocking she would scratch at the door instead. One night, after we had all gone to bed, we heard the scratching sound coming from the door.

I got up and stumbled to the door and looked out the peep-hole. No one there. I figured she was messing with me and I opened the door. No one there. I went so far as to walk all the way down the hall and checked the stairwell to no avail. Thoroughly annoyed I went back to bed, only to be roused a few moments later by the scratching.

I flew out of bed and snatched the door open and was greeted yet again by nothing. I carefully closed the door and made sure to lock it and was just about to go back to bed and worry about it in the morning, when I heard the scratching again. This time from inside my closet. It then moved to my roommate’s closet. I shook my roommate awake and we turned on the lights to investigate. Our first assumption was that it had to be a mouse. We found no disease ridden rodents, and no way a mouse could have gotten into the closet. We turned out the lights and sat on my bed to wait. Sure enough the sound came again, this time from the ceiling. Both of us being firm believers in the paranormal and especially of fairies and nature spirits, we deduced that this was what was “haunting” our room. The scratching came at least once a week after that, and the next semester it followed us to a completely different room on the same floor.

Later that year, as I was sitting at my desk with my back to my open closet door, a tiny pebble was lobbed at my head and bounced off across the floor. Another time it was a penny. “Scratch” was our annoyingly loyal companion for the next two semesters. Now of course I have amassed no less than five various fairies in the house I share with my fiance in Scott Depot, who seem to derive all of their amusement from tormenting our poor little kitty and driving him to distraction.

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