Was Mothman Spotted in Pt. Pleasant Recently?

Mothman? - November 20, 2016 / WCHS TV 8

There was a possible Mothman sighting this past Sunday, November 20, 2016 in Point Pleasant, WV.

A local news station that serves the Charleston and Huntington area reported, “A man driving along State Highway 2 in Point Pleasant said he snapped these pictures of a creature jumping from tree to tree. Many locals in Point Pleasant believe it resembles the legendary Mothman — a red-eyed creature many believe is a bad omen.”

Today’s technology is making it difficult to distinguish between fact or fiction. According to Jeff Wamsley, “with modern technology, it’s almost impossible to know for sure if the pics are real.”

What do you think, do believe these photos are genuine proof of the famous Mothman or a possible misconception? Either way, with all the personal experiences recorded throughout the years, it is hard to say that something isn’t going on in Pt. Pleasant, WV.

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