Cigar Shaped

Cigar Shaped
Cigar Shaped UFO / Stock Photo

I do not see much odd stuff, nothing in nearly 35 or so years of memory, but I did see something that I do not tell many about. I saw it in the sky, in late August of 1999. I saw this in Parkersburg WV. It was huge! Some have suggested a “firework” or something, but NO WAY! It was very high in the sky, above the clouds and possibly even in them. It was shaped like a long cigar. The entire thing was as “a bright light”, now, I use that phrase easily, because, to me the word “light” means something that “glows”, but this did not actually glow, it did not shine light around itself, although it “was” light, and nothing but light.

It did not shine light or light up the clouds around it like the moon does. It climbed at an angle, somewhat slowly, but considering its distance, it had to have been moving fast. It went from cloud level towards space; we (2 of us) watched it for like 2 minutes, then, is disappeared! It was as someone just “turned off the light”. It was wild! We watched it leave! It did not burn out, it did not dim, and it just was gone! Almost like, it went behind something, or, someone turned it off. Just as a note, I did tell a friend about it, they told me ” Oh yeah, I saw something on the news about it! I just caught the end of it, but others saw it too! “Anyways, I never heard another word about it. Just thought I would share this information.

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