Warning In A Dream

Warning In A Dream
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Back in the spring of 2002 my mother-in-law began to show signs of a terminal illness. She was losing weight and wasn’t doing well at all. We tried to get her to go to the hospital but, she was very stubborn and refused. My husband and I talked and we decided that we need to take turns staying with her at night.

He stayed the first night and the next night I stayed. I had worked all day and was very tired. I figured that she would be weak and tired and ready for bed but, she was in a talking mood and she sat for hours telling me stories and telling me things she said I needed to know. She told me that my sister-in-law was dangerous and that she had it in for me and her. She said I have never told anyone this before. It was like she needed to warn me of things. She said after I’m gone she will never let you have any peace if you don’t set her straight. I just sat there because I had never known she didn’t like us.

Finally she said you need your rest and we were off to bed. She wanted me to sleep with her but, I told her that I would sleep in the guest room but, would keep an eye on her and she laughed. I went right off to sleep. I began to dream this wild nightmare. I dreamed that my poor sick mother-in-law had lost her mind and was chasing me with a gun. Through the house out the door and I was half in my car trying to get the keys in the ignition and pulling out with her right behind me chasing the car. I woke up with my heart in my mouth. I could not go back to sleep.

A few days later she finally got so weak that she couldn’t walk. Finally we got her to the hospital. They told us she had liver cancer and was dying. She never left the hospital. A few days later she went completely off. She had the strength of a man. She pulled her restraints loose and downed two nurses. It was the toxins from her liver and she never did come back to us.

After her funeral a few days past and we had to move out her belongings from her house. When we went to change her bed we found a gun and a knife under her pillow. I thought that was the end of my dream. What if she had of gotten up and went out of her mind and killed me?

After the funeral we had a big family argument, just as she had predicted. Until this day we have not made up with my husbands brother and sister-in-law. We don’t even know why she was mad at us.

A few days later, I was in her house alone after work, packing her things and trying to organize stuff. A sudden feeling went over me. It was the weirdest feeling. It felt like a hot flash then a cold icy feeling. My hair rose up on my head and arms. I could hear something saying to me “Lock the door now”. It said NOW really loud. I walked over to the door and locked it. I came back through the hall-way and I heard a car pull in and foot steps coming up onto the porch. I looked out and saw my sister-in-law coming in. I started to open up the door when that voice said again “NO don’t open that door.” About that time I heard her cursing me and beating on the door. If I had of opened that door she was planning on hurting me. She was threatening me and looked wild out of her eyes. Just like the dream. She went back to her car. She was screaming and hitting her husband.

I picked up a towel holder for a weapon and, slipped out the back door. I ran to our cousin’s house. He said he kept trying to get out the door to go to church but, something kept holding him back. He let me in and said you’re safe with me. She came to his door rambling on and on. He told her there would be no fighting in his mom and aunts home. She left with all intentions of hurting me. He followed me home and, later that night when I went to sleep. My mother-in-law came to me in my dreams again. She said I was trying to warn you that night that you stayed with me that she hated you, me and my son. I was afraid of her that’s why I kept that gun under my pillow. I wasn’t going to hurt you. She said don’t worry she will never lay a hand on you. It’s been three years and I have not laid eyes on her. If she does ever run in to me I trust that I have a guardian angel, my mother-in-law, ready to lay her out.

I think that dreams don’t all have meanings but, if you dream in color and the dream is vivid, or in color. That is a warning from someone out of our control. So please take heed to your dreams.

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