The Vision

The Vision
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All her life my grandma seemed to have the gift, if you would like to call it that, to see events, which had not yet occurred, either through dreams, visions or a feeling she would get about something.

In February of 1948 my grandfather was working as a contract lineman for the local power company in West Virginia and was often working out of the state. My grandma lived with their three daughters each two years apart at 15, 17 and 19 years of age. The oldest, my mother worked across town and would often stay with relatives who lived near her work. The middle daughter was my aunt Mary who was a bit rebellious to say the least. She would often get in trouble at school just for the hell of it. In her senior year she began dating a local boy named Danny Brooks who had a bad reputation for drinking, racing his car and generally creating problems for the local law enforcement agencies.

Within a few short weeks of my aunt dating Danny my grandma began to have terrible visions in which she saw my aunt in her new fur coat, that she had gotten the previous Christmas, covered in blood. In these visions grandma would be walking up on the scene of an accident and my aunt would be lying there covered in blood.

Grandma began to have these visions nearly every night, and she finally told my aunt about them and how worried she was. Aunt Mary was not one to believe much in visions or bad omens, however she did promise grandma she and Danny would be careful when out driving around.

A couple of days later my grandma again had the vision but this time she saw that it was Danny’s car in the accident and once again my aunt Mary was covered in blood. Grandma was so terrified that she called her brother Donald who lived in town and asked him to please drive to the diner that my aunt and her friends hung out at and see if she was all right. A short time later my great uncle Donald arrived at my grandma’s home and told her that Danny’s car had indeed been in a bad accident and that all the injured were taken to Charleston General Hospital.

When my grandma and uncle Donald arrived at the hospital emergency room grandma was stunned by what she saw as standing there by the emergency room door was my aunt Mary with her new fur coat covered in blood.

It seems that aunt Mary’s boyfriend Danny let his younger brother Jim borrow the car to pick up a friend from work but before he even got three blocks away a car ran a red light and hit him broadside. My aunt Mary and Danny witnessed the accident and ran over to the scene where my aunt held the frightened boy in her arms until the ambulance arrived which is how her fur coat got covered in blood. Just as grandma had seen it in her visions.

Once again one of grandmas visions had come true, fortunately for my Aunt Mary this time the events that occurred were not exactly as grandma had seen them.

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