The Devil’s Visit

The Devil’s Visit
Devil in the Room / Stock Photo

I used to be a very religious person and attended church regularly. I had just gotten married, about two months previously, when a lot of things went wrong in my life and one day, I just gave up and quit going.

My husband went to work real early in the morning, around 5:00 AM. Sometimes he would come back home, because one of the trucks wouldn’t start. He would always tell me when he came back home. I was a real heavy sleeper, and very hard to wake up. He would always shake me and tell me that he was home. I was always half asleep and would say, “ok” and go right back to sleep.

One morning he came back home from work, one of the trucks wouldn’t start again, and we went through the same routine. Two days passed and something woke me up again. It shook me and said, “Honey, I’m home.” Being half asleep, I said ok and started to go back asleep. It shook me a little harder and again said, “Honey, I’m home.” Well, I started to get mad because I thought that it was my husband playing around with me and I wanted to go back asleep. Then it started laughing and I knew it wasn’t my husband. Its voice was much deeper then my husband’s. I was scared to death and too frozen to move. Something kept telling me not to turn around and look at it. So I kept my back toward it and didn’t move. I just keep on saying over and over in my mind “Jesus, help me.”

I was so scared that I really didn’t pay much mind of what it was telling me, but it sounded like it was making fun of God. It sounded like it was saying, “Bless her dumb ass! Bless her!” I really didn’t know what it meant by saying that. It finally stopped, but I still didn’t turn over, because I was afraid that it was still there. Something told me to get up and turn the light on, and it would leave me alone. So I got up and hurried to turn the light on. I couldn’t go back to sleep after that, but whatever it was, it didn’t come back that morning either. In fact, it has never come back since.

I told my parents about it that day, but they didn’t believe me. I also told my husband about it and he thought it was funny. I got mad and told him that I hoped it happened to him, then he would see how funny it was.

I believe the reason it happened was because God was trying to show me that I still needed him and that I better start going back to church. Now I’m a big believer in God and the Devil. I swear it really happened to me, why would I lie about something like that!

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