Window Woman

Window Woman
Upper Bedroom Windows / Stock Photo

My Family moved to a house on North Walnut when I was 5 years old. It was then that I started to see this old woman on a regular basis.

From my second story bedroom she seemed to float in through the window. A cold air rushed over me as she came towards my bed. She was very old looking and if I had to guess was from the 1800s. She had gray hair pulled back into a bun and had eyes that were so deep, so deep that the seemed to be endless. What would happen is she would just float from the window with her arm outstretched. She never talked or made a sound, but for some reason I knew that she was saying, “Help me.”

Many times she appeared to me. She only manifested herself in that room though. Other things went down in that room too. Sometimes the window would open and stuff would move across the room. I am talking about a couch and many other things just floating across the room before my very eyes. The TV would turn itself on and channels would flip at night. There would be times when I would come into the room and see that it had been ram sacked, things were throw astray, my bed overturned, etc. I was being scared out of my room and I gave the room to my sister.

My sister has seen her on numerous occasions and described the event exactly as I experienced it. She too was scared out of the room and currently uses the front room to sleep. To this very day that spirit dwells in that upstairs room.

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