Ghostly Girl in the Woods / Stock Photo

Somewhere in the West Virginia wilderness…

Once I was walking home from my girlfriend’s house, when something caught my eye. It was a white flash, that only showed itself for a second, but still long enough for me to decide that I wanted to go and investigate.

As I started to head deeper into the woods, I felt a certain chill come over my body. I felt as if I wanted to go back, but made no such tries to do so. After about five minutes of walking, in what seemed to be and endless stretch of wilderness, I turned around to head back.

I turned and there she was. She stood tall and said nothing. I stood wide eyed and alert, any chance I saw to leave I was ready to take it. She remained in a frozen state for only a few seconds and then walked away. I turned to run, but some thing compelled me to follow, but when I looked back for her, she was nowhere to be seen. Many say she is a ghost, some say I was seeing things, but I still do not know what to believe. In any case it is not a night that I am soon to forget.

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